Self Portrait Artwork- step by step drawing and thought process

April 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My first real attempt of a self-portrait - A Raw Realism  -One of the most challenging projects I have worked on  

'Selfie Sketch'  -looking at yourself is not an easy task especially when you are visually expressing a somewhat intense emotion and attempting to tell the truth

I have reached the age of 41 and have been creating art most my life, yet this is the first self portrait I have ever tackled I have probably shyed away all these years because it's quite a uneasy challenge- I have to say at times I quite disliked creating this piece of art forcing myself to sketch in all my little beautiful wrinkles that I like to call laughter lines but hey self portrait is needs honesty. 

I have an intense look in my eyes Determination I believe is the expression that has revealed itself in this piece 




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