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Stories shared of inspirational moments that became catalysts for creative visualizations



Old College Art PART 2 - Hyper Realism

Science illustration college project. Using gauche paint and extremely small brushes a magnifying glass. The images you see below are actually enlarged for your viewing...
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Travel Photo Slide Show

These Photographs were taken on my travels through Thailand India Laos and Nepal in 1996 and 1997, this was back before I owned a digital camera, probably before they had...
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Expressions of Life - Tahoe This Week 2004

Expressions of Life written By Barbara Hass, published in local newspaper 'Tahoe This Week ' Internet, optic-fiber phone lines, faxes and digital cameras are making the...
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Artist Profile: Local Artist Paints Travel-Inspired Realism

Artist Profile: Local Artist Paints Travel-Inspired Realism by Ingrid Tistaert, Action Reporter As a little girl in pre-school, Debi was always the last to leave the ar...
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