Your Visual Concepts Transformed Into Elegant Timeless Art  

Mr WorrallMr WorrallCommissioned Portrait In Oil on wood Panel
custom made to fit clients antique Frame

To commission a portrait in oil please contact Debra

A Portrait in oil creates an everlasting memory and is a wonderful means of celebrating those we love. Debi captures an authentic likeness of her subjects, infusing vitality and moods through her color palate. Recreate the innocence of childhood, celebrate the intensity of love, beauty of a nude, or commemorate an achievement honor a deceased relative with an oil painting or pencil sketch. Gift your self the opportunity to own beautiful timeless art that will be cherished for many years to come.

Classic & Vintage Car Portraits in Oil 

Highly detailed and meticulously rendered realism combined with a painterly impressionistic style applied background to evoke stories of nostalgia

Imagine your favorite antique motor vehicle located in natures ambience, perhaps with soft shadows falling across the curves and interesting reflections appearing in the chrome. Consider creating lasting memories of a particular country drive you took with a landscape that had inspired you, share your ideas with me to design your vision. A dramatic sky, Warm autumn colors, A tranquil mood, A country road, Memories of your childhood.

Perhaps my weathered rusty car collection has inspired you to celebrate the accomplishments of your own car restoration, A visual story of the rust to the shine. If can not choose which of your cars is your favorite lets line them up and create a landscape.

painting of vintage GMC 1950 Truck in TahoeMustard GMC - Vintage Car ArtVintage Classic Car Oil Painting, Lake Tahoe GMC
Original Sold ( commissioned)

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Fine Art Prints -Traditional Giclee prints on archival paper
Gallery Canvas Prints - Archival Stretch Canvas - timeless and elegant
Vivid Metal Prints - Contemporary, Vibrant with a High Gloss finish and precision detail.
Acrylic Prints Unique, Polished with high clarity, A Trendy floating mount display
commission a portrait of your Vintage Motor contact Debra

Classic & Vintage Car Price List

Classic car artwork is created on archival wood panels  Edges have the option to be cradled so  can be hung on a wall with no additional framing.

These prices reflect the cost for one vehicle to be featured in the painting an additional charge might be added for more than one subject 

Your art will be featured on my website and social media may go into limited edition print run

18 x 24 inches    $3100

20 x 30 inches    $3800

24 x 36 inches    $4200

For larger pieces I can work on fine linen please inquire for price


Black & White Portraits in Oil

Stunning and Dramatic, high realism and meticulous attention to detail now offered on archival wood panel. Edges have the option to be cradled so  can be hung on a wall with no additional framing but personally I always recommend framing a portrait.

This beautiful moment was captured at my clients wedding and was chosen to be the painted image that celebrated their first years anniversary

Solo Bust Portrait  11 x 14 inches  - $1200

Solo Bust Portrait  11 x 18 inches  - $1400

Solo Bust Portrait  16 x 20 inches - $1900

Solo Bust Portrait  18 x 24 inches -  $2300

Additional costs may be added for more than one subject. Your art may be featured on my website and social media

Radiant KatieRadiant KatieGraphite on Archival Vellum Paper
24 by 19 inches

COMMISSION a portrait in Graphite or charcoal CONTACT DEBRA
TristenTristenGraphite Drawing on Archival Vellum Paper
17 by 14 inches
Commission Portrait
COMMISSION a portrait in Graphite or charcoal CONTACT DEBRA
Nine MonthsNine MonthsGraphite on Archival Vellum Paper
17 by 14 inches

COMMISSION a portrait in Graphite or charcoal CONTACT DEBRA

Portrait In Pencil & Charcoal Prices

Pencil and Charcoal works are created on high quality acid-free archival heavy weighted hot press pure white paper unless other surface is requested. The Price chart below reflects estimate cost for highly detailed art

Solo Bust Portrait  11 x 14 inches starting at $800

Solo Bust Portrait  14 x 16 inches starting at $1000

Solo Bust Portrait  16 x 20 inches starting at $1400

 Solo Bust Portrait  18 x24 inches starting at $1800

Each piece of art come with a classical soft focus background impressionistic back - ground or cut to white.

For a more complex detailed background please inquire for a quote.  Additional costs may be added for more than one subject. Your art may be featured on my website and social media


 Portrait Created In Full Color Oil Paints

You have a choice of surfaces, most of my work you see on my website is created on wood panel, (this is the surface I recommend to achieve best results and resemble my art on this site.  For larger pieces I can work on fine linen stretch canvas.

The cost depends on the complexity and size of the piece more detailed and intricate work takes longer to create.
This price chart below reflects a guideline and estimate cost for a realist detailed Oil Portrait style

The process of creating a perfect oil painting takes much longer than that of a pencil drawing and requires more client communication to ensure art reflects the personality and ultimate visual concept. You will need book many months advance of any completion deadline to allow for drying time and also allow me my creative space to paint to work my magic (rushing art is not an option if you are looking for perfection)

Solo Bust Portrait  14 x 18 inches  $2000

Solo Bust Portrait 16 x 20 inches   $2400

solo Bust Portrait 18 x 24 inches   $3000

Solo Bust Portrait 20 x 30 inches   $3600

Solo bust Portrait 24 x 36 inches    $4200


Please inquire for Friend, Repeat Customer % discounts or any Special Offers and Discount Codes via my Social Media

The artist's sole goal is for you to absolutely adore your art 

A Deposit of 50% is required to reserve your creative project dates in my calendar, and final payment is due when you completely satisfied with your art piece.


Process for creating an Oil Painting

Notes from the artist: I can either work from high resolution, clear, detailed photographs that you have taken or, for an oil painting project I highly recommend scheduling a image consolation and photo-shoot with me. To create the perfect portrait, getting acquainted with the subject will allow me to capture personality and humanity within my brushstrokes, and give us the time to discuss your visual ideas and purpose

The next stage is to photograph the model/s under a variety of lighting conditions and in different poses. When I am satisfied that I have some strong material I can work with I will return to my studio to edit images and develop beautiful composition suggestions.

Once the final composition is client approved then painting process begins.
A final sitting from life may be required to make any tonal adjustments, the client is invited to view the painting towards the end and minor changes will happily be made. The finished Oil portrait should be ready in four to twelve months, this timing allows for drying and an application protective vanish to keep color vibrant. The technique I apply is a combination of the styles executed by the old masters and dry brush technique, then finally layer upon layer of rich oil glazes is applied to achieve depth and vibrancy.

I may choose to incorporate your beautiful piece on my online art gallery if you prefer to keep your portrait private please notify me.

The creation of a unique work of art requires enthusiasm and diligence in craft and the final masterpiece will become a cherished heirloom.