Debra Dee(non-registered)
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Gary Grossman(non-registered)
Really enjoyed meeting you. Would love to be informed about your work. Let me know where and when I can see more of your artwork.
Jim Wolff(non-registered)
The site looks amazing and that is certainly consistent with your outstanding art.
beautiful artwork debi!! {and great work on your site too}
Mr. Mello(non-registered)
The prints look amazing, and I would not hesitate to invest in this work.
Eloise Devi(non-registered)
Love your work Debi! Your Vintage pieces are beautifully done and the Ultra Violet work is playful, cool and enchanting just like you. Seeing your Mural work firsthand was a sweet treat, it is so beautiful and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, You are truly a gem. ~Namaste
blane lyon(non-registered)
wow! I had no idea you were such an amazing artist. I'm blown away.
Very beautiful work! Nice to meet you yesterday!
Ryan Graves(non-registered)
I really like your drawings and photographs. Do you have any interest in contributing on an album cover? I am a novice musician and song writer, and I am going to get a retrospective going on cassette, I am going to sell a dozen or so of them (try) at a consignment store here in Humboldt (arcata) anyhoo, love your work, interested in using some if some agreement can be met, thanks!
Cara Moran(non-registered)
Debi you are such a talented, bright, original, woman. Inspiring me with all you do..Love, love you!!!
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