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Travel Photo Slide Show

March 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

These Photographs were taken on my travels through Thailand India Laos and Nepal in 1996 and 1997, this was back before I owned a digital camera, probably before they had even come out on the market. So all these photos are taken with a film camera and the black and whites were hand developed in my college photo laboratory. 

My travel experiences were empowering and changed the way I viewed my own life, I became instantly absorbed in the cultural charms, although the misery of poverty ached on my heart. I  learnt how to be truly thankful and felt compelled to paint moments and characters I met on my adventures. The vivid expanse of landscape colors, the beautiful array of of vibrant silt sari's, the expressions on faces all enticed my visual mind.

Unlike today's  instant visual gratification with using a digital camera, I had to wait until I returned back to England after months of traveling to see the moments I had captured on film. I distinctly remember the overwhelming excitement and  anticipation .




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