Debra Dee Art | Title Competition - winner gets a signed print

Title Competition - winner gets a signed print

August 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

One of my recent vintage car paintings -  I posted this painting on my personal 'Debi Dee' facebook profile on facebook and below are some of the title suggestions i got - was fun posting for my friends

plus the person with the chosen title will receive a copy of this art piece - if you can think of any more ideas feel free to post here 

Keith Hopkins: Old truck rusting in field under dramatic sky? i ass thinking of pieces which actually have titles like that. like a Lina Wertmeuler film. Made me chuckle.  I like the wry commentary of the windmills,

James Cottle: Wind of change

Chuck DiGuida: Wind, Rust and Shine or American Steel For Sale

Tiffany Schoepp: "Out to pasture" it's lovely Debbie!

James Cottle: The wind mills and the for sale sign their selling us the wind but I can't think of a 3 word title with that in that works so ill shush

Shaggy Thompson :America's Future

Andreja Vasiljevic: Rusted dream

Jim Wolff : Step-side before the storm - - awesome work

Dam Twente: old school

Allison Grote Gerlach: Sold

Debi Dee: you guys are great .. better than me at titles .. keep em coming ..I love them

Pilar Starr Woodman : american beauty, or american dream

Yess Bryce: american dream: sold out ,  i love it btw really just keep getting better and better!!

Lis Sun : I love the old technology juxtoposed slightly with the new greener technology in the background. This piece says a lot and I love it! Wind beneath my Dreams

Debi Dee: yep lisa that was part of my intention .. plus a few other hinted elements to create more of a visual story to the viewers interpretation

i am going to choose a title from this thread .. and use some of the other wonderful titles to create new paintings . thank you all

Kim Herrlein : The New American Dream...Great piece!

Ali Mae :  crimson ride... I love this Debi delight, kudos mamasita

Ponta Ghofrani: Amazing art Deb. I really had a moment of aesthetic arrest. Thanks!

Eric Eliki Garcia: American Ride

Michael Clancy: Dust bowl rust bucket.

Debi Dee: American Pride,

Jonathon Waters: Storm Troocker! Or Storm Truucker?

'Matthew John Senior: Fucked truck for sale near an onshore windfarm!

Debi Dee: LOL not sure thats a very sellable title

'Matthew John Senior That's what Damien Hirst would call it...cos that's what it is.

Debi Dee : true !

Amber Defazio : Upwind

Benjamin Wester : Low mileage, like new.

Steven Renner : My Last Truck

Ravynns Mystic Lair: Unique Antique

R.j. Filiatrault: Ol Betsy.

Steve Dekrone: Now or Never

Boenobo TheKlown : Holy Shit!

Benjamin Wester : I dunno, Boe... I think "Holy Shit!" might be a bit too controversial of a title as well. What about "American Shit!"?

Sean Holt: America for Sale

Danielle McCord : Stormy wheels

Justin Lewis : One carefree owner

Debi Dee: love this thread .. brilliant I have too many to choose from and lots of new titles for more vintage car paintings .. hurray much love

Justin Lewis: Dischevrolet'd

Debi Dee: brilliant

Byron Scott Gay i: Rusty old timer , great painting 




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