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Adam - We are all in this together

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'We are all in this together' - in memory of Adam


 Three cliffs beach on the Gower Peninsular in Wales, A Father

Daughter project on a quiet sunny winters day on my favorite childhood beach

The words 'We are in this together' are written sung in memory of beautiful Adam

Salar de Uyuni  are the Largest salt flats in the world11,995 ft  above sea level - Bolivia

The Salar was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes and the  exceptional flatness of the surface make the Salar an ideal object for calibrating the alimeters of Earth observation satellites

  A good bye message - Lake Titicaca lies between Andean ranges and boarders both Peru and Bolivia, It is culturally known as the sacred centre of the Andes and is highest navigable lake in the world and the largest in South America.

This ancient lake is thought to be over million years with many cultural traditions preserved. Inca mythology claims that Lake Titicaca was the site where civilization first began and in Andean belief, Titicaca is also the birthplace of the sun.


Drift wood in Wales  Sea Shells in Cornwall England
Gravity challenging volcanic rock -Arbol de Piedra, Bolivia

 Adam written in the desert sand

Magical Oasis town of  Huacachina located on edge of the Atacama Desert in Peru. A tranquil lagoon lies in the midst of one of the driest climates in the world.

Adam in the Grass at beautiful and serene high altitude Laguna Colorada in Altiplano, Bolivia 

The home of thousands of rare nearly-extinct pink flamingos set amidst a pink and red lake and volcanic peaks 

Andean flamingos in these salt  lagoons with backdrops of snow-capped volcanoes. Colca Canyon in Peru is reportedly the deepest in the world, thought to be twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA

Gokyo Lakes trek- Nepal

Fourteen day hike in the Everest Region for a picturesque view Mount Everest and of the world’s highest glacier-fed freshwater lake wetlands. The Gokyo Lakes are considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists 

Amongst the Tibetan Prayer Flags peak of our trek 17,575 ft elevation

Backdrop of Mount Everest so happy to share it with Adam 

thank you for our blue skies and perfect panoramic mountain views 

A Beautiful Sunset in Bali
Emergency Bear under Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Jenkat on her birthday celebrating her love for Adam
Cornish Sands - I sit and watch as the tide comes in

Woke up this morning -  I suddenly realized - We're all in this together
I started smiling - Cos you were smiling - And were all in this together
I'm made of atoms - You're made of atoms - And were all in this together
And long division - Just doesn't matter
- Cos were all in this together

I saw you walking - In the city - We're all in this together
The city's changing - Cos we are changing - And were all in this together
Every twelve seconds - Someone remembers - That were all in this together
In the kitchen - Of your rent-control apartment - We're all in this together

Ask a scientist - It's quantum physics - We're all in this together
And on the subway - We feel like strangers - But were all in this together
Yeah I love you and you love her - And she loves him - But were all in this together


Adams golden candle and collection purple and yellow items that I took to be blessed by a shaman in Alasitas Festival

An event that  honors  Ekeko, the Aymara god of abundance in La Paz - the highest capital city in the world - Bolivia



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