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Nalma School, Annapurna Mountains

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Nepal, Nalma New school appeal proceeds direct to village
Nepal holds a special place in my heart, always has since my first visit in 1998. An intense amplitude of emotions was experience on my recent journeys, a life changing exploration. Grief, Love, Fear, Inspiration, Determination, Captivation.  My experience prior to being in Katmandu during the earthquakes, I describe as magical, from the open-hearted locals I met to the breath taking  mountains I climbed.  I believe the depth and combination of these intense moments must be catalysts for creative motivation’s that could take many directions.

I want to introduce Nalma, Majestic rural small villages located high-up on a ridge way overlooking the huge Annapurna Mountain range Nalma welcomed me with huge smiles, receiving an invite into their community and learning about authentic traditional Nepalese living will have an everlasting beautiful impact.

Whilst teaching English and getting creative with art, I was immersed amongst children who’s laughter is huge and who's bright playful energy’s contagious. I feel so fortunate to have had such an incredible experience here, humbled by the generosity, delighted by the eagerness and engaged students who love to learn. I learnt about Organic farming, watched baby goats prance, picked delicious mulberries off the trees with the children, ate healthy yummy dal batt vegetable dishes with families and woke up to incredible backdrop of snow mountains on one side of the ridge and distant views of rice fields on the other. Lucky the people of Nalma survived the earth quake, but there was some structural damage to buildings including the school, frightened children and many people sleeping outdoors whilst the earth continued to move.

In all honesty, a new school is really needed in Nalma. the children need more space, it is not an appropriate building during all the seasons, in the winter is far too cold for the children. And now after the earthquake it is even more essential that this new school happens soon.

Thank you for reading, If you would like to support and gift to my wonderful friends and young students that would make us smile wide.
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-Those little ones deserve the opportunity to learn.




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