Debra Dee Art | Nalma School Face Lift ( Nepal April 2015)

Nalma School Face Lift ( Nepal April 2015)

August 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Before and after Photographs. Our Nalma Classroom color facelift

A Small Donation makes a huge Difference and all the children are smiling. Its amazing what a coat of paint can do,  now these kids no longer have to sit next to grubby classroom walls everyday. Their learning environment is bright and cheerful and now matches the radiant personalities of the students. Thank you to my wonder friend Leni who paypaled his donation whilst I was Traveling and volunteering up in the Annapurna  mountain range. All Nalma's Teachers worked in secret throughout the weekend to revamped the interior of the whole school so that we could  surprise the kids - I had tears in my eyes when I saw the children's faces light up and jump around in excitement  


'Our Deepest thanks from Annapurna School Nalma to Leni for your kindness'- Rabindra



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