Debra Dee Art | Yoga Studio Mural - Nepal

Yoga Studio Mural - Nepal

April 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

All creation is a combination of the masculine and feminine.

This image represents a Hindu god who's form is created from a story of love. Shiva being the symbol of ultimate man shares his body with the divine goddess Parvati . The synthesis of these two energies equally divided within oneself is said to create a perpetual state of ecstasy. When this balance is achieved on the inside one is then able to find this harmony on the outside with the joining together of man and woman in relationships and love. Unity and equality balance love

 After an exhausting and incredable two week hike in the Everest region with a new travel companion I had met my day of arrival in Kathmandu.

I was Solo again, So my next mission was to get creating some art. This Yoga Mural jpb opportunity just magically appeared the first day arriving to my next destination -Pokhara, Nepal. 

I had met a Californian yoga teacher on the journey up to Pokhara, and she introduced me to her local friend who was building an Ashram and Yoga Studio. 

How Perfect !  Art is needed to create ambiance

I feel so lucky and within a few days I was set up in my own art studio and hotel and I started painting -  using lots of gold paint three different tones of gold to give rich effects very fun project

Lots of visitors and art admirers as I created that week, The painting I now hung in a beautiful  Ashram and have been asked to return and create more art



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