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Travel and cultural diversity fascinate me and I draw an incredible source of inspiration from my travel experiences. Submersing oneself in a seemingly alien culture is my research laboratory that gives me deep motivation. I am attracted to strong features or a warm smile or glance, perhaps across a crowded market place. I try to address and transform the notions of beauty, such as beauty displayed as in strength of character. I am constantly searching for ways to speak an element of the truth, and I believe it is important to incorporate each fragile and beautiful laughter wrinkle that frames smiling eyes. I hope to evoke intrigue and wonder from my audience, by recreating the raw realness through my subjects glance or confronting stare. My attempts are to capture my characters with a sense of immediacy to create a snapshot of daily life- a fleeting moment in time. My goal is to allow the audience to be creative with their perception of that person’s character.

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Heavy LoadShepard , Himalaya, IndiaLady In Red, Katmandu, NepalWeaving,Washing DayVillage Girls, Himalayas, NepalWord On The StreetDehiNepal ChildrenSnake CharmersBali ExpressionBali Bananas